2021 IHCC Activities


The Board of Directors of the IHCC-NY, Inc. has announced that for 2021 the selected theme for Italian Heritage and Culture month will be: 

DANTE 700! Celebrating the Genius of Dante;
The Great Poet Who Unified Italy Through Language

Dante’s importance includes his being the first to use the Florentine vernacular in a major literary work, rather than Latin, which had been accessible to only the well-educated. Dante set a precedent that later Italian writers followed, including Boccaccio and Tasso. This was an incredible accomplishment for the world, which enabled a wider audience among the populous, and, even more importantly, established his Italian as the accepted national language, unifying the people of Italy across diverse regions and dialects.

His Divina Commedia with Dante’s journey through Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso, guided first by Virgil, the ancient Roman poet, and then by Beatrice, his idealized love, takes the reader through his epic philosophical poem, considered to be the greatest poem of all times.

Join all in the 2021 year celebration and help celebrate the Legacy of Dante!

CE George Latimer Raises Italian Flag Kicking off Italian Heritage and Culture Month.

Dante Day Remarks by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, March 25 2021

A perfect way to show your love of Italian history and culture by shopping and eating! Terra Foods offers a special discount this fall in celebration of Italian Heritage and Culture month.

Buy any of their dazzling array of delicious authentic Italian foods and get 10% off from September 15 to November 30. Plus, Terra donates a portion of all sales the IHCC-NY, Inc.

From Comune di Marcon – Mario Cimarosti, autore veneziano del libro “Ai confini dell’asia avventure e incontri tra zar sultani e maioliche”, propone un video sulla città di Venezia in occasione dei 1600 anni dalla fondazione della città.

The IHCC-NY’s Board of Directors is comprised of a volunteer group of leaders of the Italian and Italian American community, founded in 1976, with the mission of promoting, presenting and preserving Italian and Italian American culture in the Tri-State area. Its annual theme is mirrored by other states in their event programming through America.

During the year the IHCC-NY will host, coordinate or publicize theme related presentations, symposiums, seminars, a student essay contest, proclamations and tributes to Matera and its citizens in Basilicata and in the United States. Some board members have a direct connection with Matera as they have relatives or friends who live there. In addition, there will be a special recognition, the IHCC-NY’s highest honor, the da Vinci award.

The Committee’s publicly supported educational materials, including theme related posters, bookmarks and booklets, will continue to be distributed free to educational, cultural and public institutions, ensuring the Committee’s ongoing education of the general public about the merits of Italian and Italian American culture.

Donations are welcome in support of Italian Heritage and Culture, click below or mail to: IHCC-NY, Inc., 25 West 43rd St., 17th Fl., New York, NY 10036, Attn: Joan Marchi Migliori

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