Italian Heritage and Culture Committee of New York, INC. Mission

The mission of the Italian Heritage and Culture Committee, New York, Inc. (IHCC-NY, Inc.) is to:

  • Heighten public awareness of Italian heritage and culture;
  • Coordinate sponsorship of programs that celebrate Italian heritage and culture;
  • Sponsor annually the Italian Heritage and Culture Month activities;
  • Promote the study of Italian language and culture among all ethnic groups;
  • Engender pride in Italian Americans regarding their own heritage; and
  • Encourage positive portrayals of Italian Americans in the media and the general public.

Mission Statement

The Italian Heritage and Culture Committee, New York, Inc. will conduct, sponsor, and/or participate in activities throughout the year, with special emphasis on the celebration of Italian Heritage and Culture Month.

The vision of the IHCC-NY, Inc. is to be a dynamic organization in the Italian American community that will foster an appreciation of Italian and Italian American contributions to the world.

The IHCC-NY, Inc. will:

  • Solicit funds to carry out its mission and fulfill its vision;
  • Network with Italian and Italian American resources to gain active individual and group participation;
  • Assist in promoting Italian heritage, culture, and language; and
  • Provide quality materials to educational and cultural groups and to other entities.


The IHCC-NY, Inc. will encourage and/or sponsor programs at schools, colleges, civic entities, and ethnic and other organizations so as to promote Italian heritage, culture, and language and will foster positive recognition for the contributions of Italians and Americans of Italian descent to our society.

Adopted 7-14-09